Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mama's a Comedian

We should really rename this blog. Something like, "The Elijah Show" or "The Excellent Eli's Extravaganza" would be more fitting. Clearly, whatever this blog is about, it's no longer us. With that, I give you the star of the show...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Okay, So You Don't Like the Hat

Sunday Changes

Last week our ward split, so we went to church this morning like it was the first day of school. This time I got to sit by the two cutest boys in the class. There is no one new in the ward, we just kept a portion of the people from our old ward. Our entire Relief Society presidency is still in my current ward, so we were called again to our same callings today, which means an other year (plus) of being the Enrichment Counselor. Jake was also called to be Priest Quorum Advisor again, which he is very happy about.

Our ward now starts at 1:00. Not a good church time for the youngsters. Yes, we all get to sleep in a little, but boy does it mess with naps. Eli got about a 15 min nap at the beginning of church when he usually takes a 2 hour nap at home, and he was one cranky, wired boy by the end of church. We took him home for a nap afterwards, and he only slept for 40 min and woke up crying and upset. We finally managed to put him back to sleep, and he slept for another 2 hours like this...

Daddy is the best mattress in the house.

Here are some other pictures from our little family (okay, the reality is that all our pictures are of Eli).

If you click on the picture below to blow it up larger, you can catch a glimpse of his first tooth that came through (middle right side).

Below are some pictures of Eli playing with one of his favorite toys.

Rae Gun Ramblings: Giveaway and Tutorial: Fabric Headbands

Rae Gun Ramblings: Giveaway and Tutorial: Fabric Headbands