Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July - Plus a Few Extra

We started off our 4th of July by going to the Denton parade at the square in the middle of town.

In the afternoon we went to a barbecue at our friend's house.  Eli and I finished the night by going to the fireworks at UNT with some friends.  Jake stayed home with an exhausted, sleeping Adam.  Eli was SO excited for the fireworks because we had been showing him videos of fireworks on YouTube.  However, when the live fireworks started right across the street from us, he got so scared.  He laid his head in my lap and fell asleep from the stress of it all right in the middle of the show.

Here are a few bonus pictures from within the last week.  I can't resist pictures of babies sleeping in their cribs snuggled in all comfy.

Dance Party at the Farnsworths

These are kind of long, so don't think we expect anyone to watch them all.  Having said that, the top one captures Adam best and the bottom one captures Eli's dancing best.


For Family Home Evening we have been working with Eli on having a conversation with people instead of shying away from them.  His common interaction right now is for someone to say, "Hey Eli!" and he responds by hiding behind our legs and pretending to be a dog.    So...for FHE we got out one of Jake's mission ties and some fake mustaches that I made and role-played with Eli as a missionary.  We decided to take a video of Adam since he couldn't stop trying to eat the mustaches.

June was the Month of Forts

Happy 1-Year Birthday, Adam!

Adam Riding His Bike (2 months ago)

Favorite May Pictures