Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sick and Cuddly

We had a sick little boy last weekend. Eli had a high fever and he was super cuddly. Below is a picture of our little guy in the thick of his sickness. He wouldn't move from this position.

And here are some pictures taken today. All better!

Filling Wall Space

If any of you have been to our apartment, you know that we have one wall in our living room that is large, white, and empty. We've been wanting to fill the space with artwork that is nice, large, and meaningful, and we finally did it! I got out my rusty artist hands (I haven't really done any artwork since high school) and started working on a series of three pieces. Below is the finished product. Thank you, Jake, for the art critiquing and for cutting out the matting and doing a masterful job hanging the frames.

(Don't mind the flash bouncing off the glass in each of the pictures.)

(Pictures 14"x19" - Frames 19"x24")
(Charcoal & chalk pastel)
These three pieces represent the roles God plays in our life.

The Potter's Clay

Living Water

In the Palm of His Hand