Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Months Have Passed

The last 2 months since Adam has joined our family have gone by very fast that I haven't updated our blog for a month:). Adam is turning out to be a really sweet little boy. He is very alert and strong now. He loves holding his head up and swinging it around to look at everything. He also loves being held and being rocked in his vibrating bouncer seat. I'm grateful that he isn't too fussy since he refuses to take a pacifier. We're loving having this boy in our family.

Below are some pictures of our boys for your viewing pleasure. I think it's hard to get a pictures of a babies that looks exactly like them, but the first picture really captures what Adam looks like when he is calm.

As we were getting ready for church Eli asked if he could hold Adam. I put Adam in his lap and started working on some church stuff at the computer next to the couch. The next thing I hear is Eli opening up the book next to him and reciting 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed to Adam. This was really the first brotherly bonding experience I have observed. It was heartwarming to see a glimpse of the friendship these two will have with each other in the coming years.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Adam's Baby Blessing

June Pictures

Eli, Adam, and Grandma Criddle.

Splish Splash Story Time at the water park with daddy.

These are Eli's friends the Cooper boys.

Eli helped me make the cake for Jake's birthday.

Adam's Birth Pictures

Getting settled in at the hospital.
Just after Adam was born.

Adam with Grandma Criddle.
The boys approve.
Eli is pointing out all the fingers, toes, eyes, ears, and nose on Adam.