Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elijah's 3 Year Old Pictures

Spring Break Zoo Trip

Jake had Spring Break, so we took a family day away from his dissertation writing to go to the zoo together. The weather was perfect. Since all the other school districts besides Denton had their Spring Break the previous week, it was quiet even though it was a half price day.

A vanilla wafer cookie will instantly calm a fussing Adam.
The Fort Worth Zoo has a cool parakeet enclosure. You can buy sticks with bird seed stuck to them and the birds come right up to you and eat from the sticks.
Adam, that birdseed is not for you.
All tuckered out.
In this picture Jake is saying that Eli doesn't want Jake to touch him. As we've heard a lot lately, "I'm a big boy. I can do it all by myself."

Potty Training Successes

Eli has officially mastered peeing on the toilet. To celebrate, we went to Going Bonkers as a family.

Preschool Buddies and Another Friend

Here are two of Eli's three preschool buddies. Eli and I made paddles out of paper plates and craft sticks for them to pop the bubbles.

They are having fun exploring ramps at the science center.
And here is a happy Adam.

Here is Eli and his new friend Tristan making pretzels together. I let them form their own dough, and they decided to add lots and lots of flour to them. Yum, brick pretzels.

Some March Pictures

Adam munching on some cornbread.

Eli practicing writing letters. I wrote the yellow letter "A" and then he copied it next to me in orange. This was the first time he wrote a letter (besides "O") that actually looks like the real letter.

While I run on the tredmill, Adam gets to play in the playpen by the glass door.

A nice Sunday afternoon walk with the whole family.

Sunday, March 04, 2012