Monday, March 14, 2011

Lunch Guests, Crazy Hair, & Belly Shot

Outside of singing and dancing, Eli loves to serve pretend food. A few weeks ago I got out some dishes and his stuffed animals so that he could have "lunch" with them. Below are a few pictures from the event.

We cut Eli's hair two weeks ago. It was getting unruly. A few days before the big trim we gave him a bath and Jake fluffed his hair. Below is the result.

Since I've gotten a few requests for it, I'm posting a belly shot. This picture was taken today at 26 weeks 4 days. I'm feeling pretty good, although I do feel bigger. However, comparing this picture with my 9 month belly picture when I was pregnant with Eli makes me realize that I've still got a lot further to grow. I feel like I'm carrying pretty low with this one. Although I feel him moving around (mostly in the evening), he is a lot quieter in his movements compared to Eli.

Tuesday Morning Playdate

Every Tuesday morning Jake takes the time to go to the park with Eli and me before heading to school. We have our Family Home Evening (or morning) lesson first along with a snack, and then we head over to the park with a bunch of balls. We usually start off playing on the basketball court and then heading over to the playground. We all look forward to this time together.

In this picture (below), Eli is pointing to the colored roof on top of the play structure.

Elmo's Song and New Room

I got the video camera out today hoping to catch Eli singing some songs. His favorite pastime is singing while strumming his guitar (anything can be a guitar...even the egg slicer, a spatula, or a stick he finds on the ground). His current repertoire is the following:
  • Elmo's Song
  • Hello Everybody
  • Shake Your Sillies Out
  • The Alphabet
  • I Am a Child of God
  • I Love to See the Temple
  • I've Got a New Way to Walk (Destiny's Child on Sesame Street)
  • The Ants Go Marching One by One
  • The Wheels On the Bus
  • The "N" Lullaby (Sesame Street)
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
  • The More We Read Together (Tune of Here We Are Together)
Unfortunately, I couldn't really get him to perform. Below is my attempt.

In preparing for baby Adam's arrival in June, we moved Eli into his new room with his new "big boy bed" this past weekend. Here is a video of him showing you his room.

The Big Slide

This video was taken back in January when we were visiting Jake's parents in Boise. We took Eli to Monkey Business, which is a place with a bunch of blow-up slides and fun climbing structures. This video captures his excitement. This was his first of many times going down the big slide with Daddy.


These two videos were taken back in early February. In the first video Eli is singing the alphabet. In the second video he is singing the song "Hello Everybody" from our library story time. He can sing both of these a lot better now since it's a month later, but I can't get him to sit and sing it for me in front of the camera again.