Saturday, June 20, 2015

Words and Impromptu Haircuts

Ainsley's language is really blossoming these days so we thought we'd put on a video of her saying some words. She's quit the little chatter-box around the home.

In other news, Adam took the liberty of giving himself a little trim the other day with one of our razors. He would have done more damage if he had not cut himself a little bit on his finger and come to get us for a band-aid. Fortunately we had literally given him a haircut the day before so our options were either to let it grow out or to shave him bald. Good times.

Finally, in all the ruckus that sometimes goes on around here, there are sweet moments too...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 2013 (part 1)

We saw an idea of making sugar cookies into taco shells and loading them with vanilla ice cream and fruit.  It was delicious.

In this picture Eli is in time out and is doubly upset that Adam is using his boots to walk on his hands.


Family Snuggle

Eli found a box and decided to make it into a robot costume.  Jake helped with the details.

January 2013 (Internship Travels)

Throughout the month of January Jake interviewed for psychology internships in the western US.  Here are a few photos from his journey (before he left the camera in his rental car in southern CA).


(Tacoma, WA)

 Portland, OR

 Los Angeles, CA


December 2012

Eli's 4th Birthday

Brother Fun

The Zoo

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas Day