Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roll with It

Eli has a few new tricks that he can do now, and we're really excited about them.

1. Roll his hands
2. Give a high five
3. Put his arms up when you say "touchdown"
4. Run
5. Blow into a recorder

Woohoo kid. Below are his 1 year old pictures. I scanned them in, so the quality isn't great on the first two.

Bringing in the New Year Farny Style

We got to spend the New Years holiday with the Farnsworth grandparents in Idaho. This meant time with grandma...

Time with grandpa...

Time with uncles Alex and Aaron...

Even time with the squirrels...

Below are two pictures I love as well.

It's a Holly Jolly California Christmas

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the Christmas holiday in California with my family. We had a lot of fun...

On Christmas Eve we did the traditional lighting of the German Christmas candle pyramid while we sang, read stories, and read Luke chapter 2.

We also dressed in costumes for the nativity program. As you can see, my mom was the 'star' of the show...

My brothers Evan and Reed.

The day after Christmas we went to my sister Adrienne's house for the Criddle Olympic games. Above is our traditional Lindberg family spoon on the nose contest. My mom won using a baby spoon, and above is her victory dance.

Another Criddle Olympics event was the elf racing as seen below.

Later in our trip we visited the Lawrence Hall of Science. Here are some pictures taken outside the museum...

For Family Home Evening my dad told a story about one of our ancestors and we made sailor hats out of newspaper.

We also spent time just hanging out. Eli enjoyed being swung around in a bean bag chair by his dad.

It couldn't be a party until Reed played 80's music on the piano and the grandchildren danced their little rock star hearts out.

Below is the family photo we took.

Eli's 1st Birthday

As a few people have pointed out to me, it has been a LONG time since I've posted anything. We were gone to California, Utah, and Idaho for 3+ weeks for the holidays, and now I've procrastinated blogging. So, here is the first catching up post.

Yes, Eli turned the big ONE on Dec 23rd. We were in California visiting my family when we celebrated his birthday. Here are a few gems for your viewing enjoyment...

The pre-cake birthday boy with his excited mama. Thank you Dollar Tree for providing the embarrassing birthday headband/crown that will now be a tradition.

Instead of a cake we made bug cupcakes. They turned out really cute.

Ah, there is order in the universe. My child is indeed a chocolate lover.

And then there were the presents.

It's hard to contain the excitement. Jake gets a kick out of this picture.