Thursday, October 04, 2012

September Review

Eli on the first day of preschool this year.

Adam's favorite place in the house is the bathroom.  He likes to climb on the footstool, the toilet, and over into the bathtub.  He also loves to take off the two white pieces on the toilet that hold the toilet seat on.  Several times he has taken off those pieces and almost fallen into the toilet.  This boy is a busy boy, and we love him.

 One of Eli's favorite things to do is make an ice cream stand and sell us pretend ice cream.  This time he made the ice cream stand on his bed.

Here are Eli's preschool buddies.  The instructions that I gave them were to listening to this piece of classical music and dancing with scarves.  They decided that they wanted the scarves to be bird wings, so they are all flying around the room to the music.

We went on a preschool field trip to the fire station.  You will notice that Eli has on boots.  He found these boots in a drawer I have for hand-me-down shoes we've received, and he hasn't wanted to wear any other pair of shoes since.  In his words, Santa wears boots, firemen wear boots, daddy wears boots...all cool people wear boots.

The boys and I have taken several trips into daddy's office to pick him up from work.  They love it.  Usually they want to "surprise" daddy, but their squeals of excitement as they run down the hallway give them away every time.

Texas has a few really great restaurants, and Babes in Sanger is one of them.  They serve home-style Southern cooking.  Outside they have these cool barber chairs and horse to ride. (Doesn't Adam look old in this picture?)

Over the past 2 weeks our family has been a bunch of sickies.  The boys both got a stomach bug, and we've also had colds and fevers going around.  We're all on the tail end of our colds now, so the light is at the end of the tunnel (hopefully).  After having the stomach bug Adam was refusing all food.  The only thing he wanted to have from this dinner was a chicken drumstick bone that he fiercely sucked on and defended.  He wouldn't let anyone's hands close to the greasy mess.  Hence, his new nicknames is "Chicken Bone".

It rained and the boys got to play outside on the front porch in it.  Eli mostly wanted to sit in the chair and watch the rain fall, but Adam wanted to jump in the puddles and get his hands in the dirty flower pots.

Diaper fight!  Watch out Adam, Eli's about to hammer you!  Adam, you need to give Eli a little of your chub.

This is the boys' favorite hiding place.  It is a small pantry in the kitchen, and they stick their little bodies next to the trash can and close the door.  If they manage to stay quiet, sometimes I really have to search our small house to find them.  Another great hiding place that Eli has found is inside a slot of his cube bookshelf--he's a contortionist.