Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Settled

How y'all doin'? After a LONG two days of driving, we finally made it to Denton, TX a week ago. The move went surprisingly well. By now we've unpacked all of our boxes except for a few boxes with random items.

We arrived in Denton early afternoon last Friday, and we were very proactive the first day we were here. We bought our washer and dryer, dining room table, and new desktop computer within 24 hours of arriving. It was a busy two days. We'll post pictures of our new apartment setup once we take some photos.

I also had my first prenatal visit here. My doctor seems nice (for the third time, thanks for the recommendation Kathryn!). Unlike the doctor I was seeing in Provo who didn't allow birth plans, this doctor actually asked me what my birth plan was and encouraged me to think about what I want my labor experience to be like. I'm going to open up the flood gates with this question, but any advice or suggestions of things to look into from you experienced birth experts? Some exciting news is that we will get to have the ultrasound that lets us know the gender of our little kiddo a week from tomorrow. I will definitely let you all know the news when we find out.

We miss all of you who are back in Provo. We had a great experience in Wymount and love all the friends we made there. Good memories of game nights with the Crocketts and Hawkes, walks and talks with Susie, late night conversations with the Robinsons, our first Thanksgiving turkey eatten with great people, eating anything chocolate with the Andersons, dinners with Aunt Helen and the Pahulus, visiting teaching Jessica, 4th of July and many more times with the Rogers, and so many many other fun times. Thanks for being our friends. We love you all.