Friday, March 26, 2010

Bath Time

Here (with minimal nudity) are some pictures from our last bath time. Eli took a face-plant into some concrete this week so he's got a scrape, but otherwise I think his cuteness shines through. Here you go Gin, I'm fulfilling my brotherly, fatherly, and son-ly duties by posting some pics of the boy. Love you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living In Luxury

Our big news since our last blog post is our move to a house a few blocks away from our old apartment. We're renting the house from our friends who were just stationed in Hawaii for the military. It is so nice to have a house to call home. The place is a small (and I mean about 10'x10' bedrooms), but it is perfect for our small little family right now. We'll post pictures at some point.

Other big news is that Eli is officially pacifier free. Yahoo!!! He was pretty attached to that thing, so I was nervous about doing it. I started the transition so that he only had it when he slept and when he was at church, so luckily it really just took one rough nap time without the pacifier to transition to sleeping without it.

I've also been doing a lot of yummy cooking lately. For some reason I have no pictures of Eli from the past month, but I do have pictures of three yummy things I've made lately (see below). I've mostly been playing around with different bread recipes, and I've gotten the hang of how to bake bread. Fresh, hot bread is so delicious!

(Homemade french bread made into garlic bread.)
(BBQ chicken pizza with hidden spinach under that cheese.)

(Banana cream pie. My first attempt at making a cream pie. It was fabulous.)