Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Thus Far

This past week we visited my parents in California, but unfortunately we forgot our camera.  It was a great trip.  Besides having fun just spending time with my parents, Jake and I got to go on a date to San Francisco.  It was one of the best days of our marriage.  We explored Pier 39, ate at the Crab House (we ate a whole crab that was still in its shell, shrimp, and muscles), checked out the San Francisco VA Hospital and the picturesque coast right next to it, briefly explored Golden Gate Park, and had dinner at Union Square.  It was a long, fun day.

Before leaving for our trip I was going up to Lake Ray Roberts with my good friend Kathryn.  Several friends from the ward also met us up there.  I brought the camera along to snap a few pictures earlier this month.

 There is nothing like paintbrushes, water, and a squirt gun for good, clean fun...except that Adam got dirt all over his face from first playing in the flower pots.  No worries though, Eli promptly sprayed him down.

More July Update

 Adam loves to play with the dirt in our flower pots.

 Eli has started to ride really fast down hills on his bike, so bought him some elbow and knee pads.  The gloves came along with them.  Here he is in his biking gear.  Adam likes to sit on the tricycle while Eli rides.

 Eli in his "grandpa pants".  No offense to the grandpas in the world.

We have frequent dance parties at our house.  Here are the boys with their "guitars".

 Here is Jake on the morning before his dissertation defense.  The boys are watching him get ready.  I love that on the 3rd picture the boys are holding hands walking into our room.

The summers here are super hot, so we cool off every Friday morning at the water park.  There is a special free story time that we always go to.

 (Don't worry, Adam caught himself before he fell off the curb.)

Eli has been learning the alphabet, and he went through a phase where he wanted to spell the letters with our bodies for fun.  Can you guess the letters?

The boys helping Daddy feel better.

For Family Home Evening we watched the Olympics and made flag cookies.