Saturday, September 03, 2011

Preschool and Play Time

Eli started his preschool this past Tuesday. Two of my friends also have boys who are within a few months of Eli's age, so we are trading off teaching preschool for them once a week for 3 hours. It's so fun to help Eli pack his backpack and lunch and then hear him talk about what he did in preschool. Here are a few pictures of Eli right before leaving for preschool and playing with his friends at the start of preschool. I'm looking forward to these boys building good friendships with each other.

I also managed to catch a few pictures of the boys as they were watching the mobile as I got ready for the day this morning.
Adam is super strong. We decided to get out the exersaucer to see if he was big enough for it. Although we have to prop his feet up using a collapsed cardboard box, he is loving it.

Past Happenings

A few weeks ago we took Eli to a place called Going Bonkers. It's this really fun climbing structure. Below are some pictures of it. We've been there previously, but this was the first time that he really went off climbing on his own without us helping him. This place gets 5 stars from us!
Do you see the boy in the turquoise shirt...that's Eli!

I took this picture of Adam and the video from the previous post on the same day we went to Going Bonkers. Adam has grown up even since these pictures were taken just a week and a half ago.

Here are Jake and Eli getting our turkey burger fixings ready. Eli is a big help in the kitchen. Cooking (imaginary or real) is one of his favorite activities. It takes a lot of patience to cook with a 2-year old, but it's totally worth it.

Sweet Boy