Sunday, August 21, 2011

North Texas State Fair & Jake's Veterans

We decided to attend the North Texas State Fair in Denton this past Saturday. How have we lived in Denton for 3 years now and never attended the fair that is literally right down the street from us? We decided to go before the nighttime crowds arrived, so it wasn't at all crowded while we were there. We first visited the kiddy section with goats, pigs, and other animals that you could pet.

Next we went through the indoor (air conditioned!!) shopping area. Oh my, it was soooo Texas. All the clothes and purses were studded with gems and there were cowhide rugs and cowboy hats.

On a different note, Jake is wrapping up his externship at the VA Hostpital in Bonham, TX. He has really enjoyed his experience there. Below is a picture of him with his WWII/Korean war veterans group. These gentlemen have amazing stories. They've been through a lot.

Play Date

A friend of mine took these pictures at a play date earlier this month (about 3 weeks ago). He got some great shots.