Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Early Halloween

Our ward had an early Trunk-or-Treat tonight. Eli went dressed as a lion. I wanted to take pictures of some our friends and their kids that were there, but Jake was helping the priests with their haunted house and I totally forgot about our camera in my purse. So here are a few pictures of just us from tonight...

Believe it or not, the picture below is of a happy, laughing boy.
ROAR!Time to go home!

Bobbing For Apples

Recently Eli experienced his first whole apple. It was de-e-e-elicious!

The Ants Come Marching Two By Two

This video pretty much sums up what we have been experiencing in our apartment over the last few weeks. Ants! Ants in the carpet, ants in our pants. It has been raining off and on here, and the ants will come in under one of the windowsills next to our fireplace after the flood water rises. Stinkin' ants.

One night they were so bad that we started vacuuming them up. As we were on our fourth or fifth vacuuming of the night, the vacuum stopped working! I plugged the vacuum into another outlet to see if by chance it was just the outlet that went dead on us, but it didn't work there either. The ants spent the next 24 hours taking over our living room. They were on top of the carpet, under the carpet, and I even found one dead ant on the inside of Eli's diaper plastered to his leg. When looking inside the vacuum (we have a bagless vacuum) you could see the ants burrowing tunnels and making themselves at home. I thought I was going to freak out.

Later that afternoon I took a shower and went to blow dry my hair using one of the same outlets only to discover that both outlets we had tried using previously were on the same circuit and were out. I reset the circuit and had an ant extermination spree. Take that for stealing my living space small creatures of nastiness!

Monday, October 05, 2009