Sunday, May 23, 2010

Millions of Peach...

It ends up that we made the jackpot by moving to the house we're renting. Not only do we like the look of our little abode, but there are four beautiful fruit trees in the backyard. Peach, green apple, plum, and we're not yet sure about the fourth one.

For the past few weeks we've noticed lots of fruit growing on one of the trees, but at the time we weren't sure what kind of fruit was growing. Peaches!! They're small, but they're definitely peaches. We hadn't been in the backyard for a few days, so when we went outside yesterday we were surprised to see so many peaches on the limbs of one of the trees that the limbs were actually starting to bend and break from too much weight. You know what that means...peach harvest time!
Below is only part of what we picked. By the end of the afternoon that whole tub was full to the top, and we still have a few more to pick in a week or so when they're more ripe.

Eli has two methods to eating peaches. Here is the first method...

Here is the second method...

We also have this gorgeous apple tree that isn't quite ready to pick. They sure look pretty, though.

And we end the afternoon with a shirtless boy and his favorite backyard toy.

A Day in the Dirt

A few weeks ago Jake needed to work on homework, I needed a break from watching Eli, and Eli needed to get some energy out. To satisfy all of our needs, we all went onto our front porch while Eli play with dirt and play dough. Below are some pictures of the disaster.